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Private Clients

Private investment management offers an exceptional level of service for individuals with portfolio needs that have outgrown conventional mutual fund and brokerage institutions. This can be extremely beneficial to high net worth individuals who have $1 Million+ in investable assets, or those who are on track to establish a similar level of wealth.

We offer you:

  • A direct relationship with the investment manager - this is essential to creating a focused and disciplined investment strategy - while paring away the layers of fees inherent in mass-market funds
  • A dedicated, and experienced Investment Counsellor who offers personalized service and guidance
  • The ability to group family assets to further benefit from our tiered fee-schedule
  • Clear reporting & communications including:
    • Concise, easily understood quarterly performance reporting
    • Quarterly phone calls to ensure your investments are meeting your risk/return objectives
    • Access to our Portfolio Managers via your personal Investment Counsellor
    • Regular investment reviews that fit your schedule (annually, semi-annually, etc.)
    • Quarterly and monthly reports from our trustee, RBC Investor & Treasury Services
  • Invitations to special client and community events, including our annual "Investor Conference"


Michael Hodgson, Hons BA, MBA, TEP
Managing Director, Private Client

Bruce Sayers 
Bruce Sayers, CIM,
Director, Private Client

Mike Hammond, B.Sc.,
Director, Private Client

Larry Hazel, CFA., 
Director, Private Client 

To learn more about how we help private investors, please contact:

  • Michael Hodgson / (519) 963-8218 / (877) 850-9500 Ext. 8218
  • Bruce Sayers / (519) 963-8237 / (877) 850-9500 Ext. 8237
  • Mike Hammond / (519) 963-8219 / (877) 850-9500 Ext. 8219
  • Larry Hazel / (519) 963-8253 / (877) 850-9500 Ext. 8253

Valued Partners

We currently work with many like-minded referral partners across Canada. Generally speaking, these are advisors who have developed long standing, insurance-focused relationships with their clients. They have come to realise the benefits of having dedicated investment professionals who focus on the investment portion of their client's portfolios. Partnering with Highstreet allows them to focus on the overall financial health of their clients. We would be delighted to speak with potential partners from across Canada. Please contact a member of our team today.