Highstreet Asset Management Inc.
Income Options with the Highstreet Dividend Income Fund


Investment Approach

The Highstreet Balanced Fund achieves its investment objective by investing in a dynamic asset mix of Highstreet pooled funds selected to respond to prevailing market conditions. Within the targeted asset class bands, Highstreet will employ a tactical asset allocation in order to preserve capital while seeking a moderate level of growth. The asset allocation will be reviewed at least quarterly.

The long term target asset mix is 40% fixed income and 60% equities.

Asset MixLong Term Target ExposureDynamic Asset Class Bands
Highstreet Fixed Income Pooled Funds 40% 30% - 50%
  • Highstreet Canadian Bond Fund
  • Highstreet Canadian Short Term Bond Fund
Highstreet Equity Pooled Funds 60% 50% - 70%

Canadian Equity Pooled Funds

  • Highstreet Canadian Equity Fund
  • Highstreet Canadian Low Volatility
  • Highstreet Dividend Income Fund

Non-Canadian Equity Pooled Funds

  • Highstreet Global Equity Fund
  • Highstreet International Equity A Fund
  • Highstreet US Equity Fund
Cash or Cash Equivalents 0% 0% - 20%
  • Highstreet Money Market Fund

Risk Budgeting

Highstreet will employ a structured risk budgeting framework to monitor and address periods of extreme market risk as determined by Highstreet's risk management overlay. If fund volatility exceeds Highstreet's targeted threshold, the asset mix will be adjusted to lower the fund's volatility below the threshold. This may result in the fund holding units of the Highstreet Money Market Fund, holding cash or increasing its holdings in the eligible bond funds while decreasing exposure to the equity funds. The asset mix will revert back to the original targeted levels as market risk returns to normalized levels.