Highstreet Asset Management Inc.
Income Options with the Highstreet Dividend Income Fund

Canadian Equity


The investment objectives of the Fund are to provide investors with:

  • Better earnings growth than the benchmark index (S&P/TSX Composite)
  • A better valuation profile than the benchmark
  • Higher quality than the benchmark
  • A risk profile similar to the benchmark

The Fund follows our GVQ+ R™ approach. The portfolio is managed to have strong growth, value, quality and risk characteristics:

GVQ+ RT; Growth -  Higher earnings growth rate; Value - Lower P/E ratio; Quality - Higher reinvestment rate; Risk - Market-like volatility;


Highstreet's enhanced Canadian Equity investment process is designed to generate alpha through:

  • Stock Selection through sector-specific Models
  • Sector Allocation
  • Portfolio Construction and Monitoring
Highstreet's enhanced Canadian Equity investment process

Bottom-up' GVQ+ R™ stock selection is the foundation of our Canadian investment process.