Highstreet Asset Management Inc.
Income Options with the Highstreet Dividend Income Fund

Dividend Income


The investment objectives of the Fund are to provide investors with:

  • Attractive levels of income on a regular basis
  • Lower volatility compared to the benchmark index (S&P/TSX 60)
  • The opportunity for capital appreciation

In particular, we focus on the cash flow generation capability, dividend policy and valuation profile for each underlying company.


The equity investment universe is comprised of large, well established, dividend paying Canadian and US equities. The investment universe contains nearly 250 stocks with market capitalizations of at least $2 billion.

Additionally, domestic bonds rated A- or higher, domestic preferred shares and covered call writing will be considered when they can help the Fund deliver upon its objectives of providing attractive levels of income on a regular basis, and maintaining lower risk levels than its benchmark. We will target 35 holdings in the Fund.

Dividend Income Investment Universe

A 'bottom-up' stock selection approach employing Income, Quality, Growth and Valuation is the foundation of our Dividend Income investment process.