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Investment Philosophy

At Highstreet's foundation lies empirically based research and the combination of quantitative and fundamental investing.

We believe that investment success can be achieved through blending quantitative and fundamental analysis to capture alpha drivers - Growth, Value and Quality.

Our research is empirically based. The quantitative informs our approach and informs our world view. Our experience and inquisitive nature combined with fundamental analysis rounds out our approach to constructing portfolios and building models.

Everything we do is based on the belief that market dynamics change, but company fundamentals are the primary factors influencing share price performance. Our research is where we believe we can add the most value to our clients. Without sound research and thoughtful analysis, the outputs from quantitative research are purely numbers. As researchers, we strive to understand causality and infer from trends how they relate to the world in which we live. This research is the work that will separate us from our pure quant brethren and our fundamental cousins. We are neither purely quant nor purely fundamental. We infuse each with the other to construct a thoughtful view of what the market has been telling us while diving deeper in the numbers to determine the persistency or longevity of rewarded trends. We use quant tools to hunt anomalies. We use quant tools to understand current market conditions and valuation levels. We use fundamental analysis to confirm or challenge the unbiased quant and understand or verify the anomaly.

These basic principles are the foundation of our Investment Research.