Highstreet Asset Management Inc.
Income Options with the Highstreet Dividend Income Fund

Highstreet History


  • Highstreet joins inaugural Advisory Board for Western's new Masters of Financial Economics (MFE) program


  • Highstreet Canadian Low Volatility Fund launched Dec 21st


  • Highstreet Global Equity Fund launched March 26th
  • Highstreet Dividend Income Fund launched December 3rd
  • AGF Management Ltd. completes purchase of Highstreet
  • Highstreet Balanced funds transitioned to tactical asset allocation


  • Highstreet Canadian Short Term Bond Fund launched February 8th
  • Highstreet Conservative Balanced Fund launched February 19th


  • Highstreet International Equity Fund A launched January 11th
  • 1st international pension client
  • AGF Management Ltd. acquires the majority of Highstreet December 1st


  • Recipient of two Chamber of Commerce Business Awards:
    London Small Business of the Year
    Ontario Outstanding Business Achievement

    Business Achievement Award Ontario Chamber of Commerce Business Award


  • Highstreet Money Market Fund launched July 23rd
  • Qualified as an Imagine Company
    Imagine Caring Company


  • Highstreet opened for business Oct 16th, with 6 employees and 4 pooled funds including:
    • Highstreet Bond Fund
    • Highstreet Balanced Fund
    • Highstreet Canadian Equity Fund
    • Highstreet US Equity Fund