We strive for excellence in the relationships we have with our clients. Working with a dedicated and experienced Relationship Manager, we offer personalized service guidance and discretionary money management services for investors with over $1 million in investable assets.


The Highstreet Advantage

Our unique structure and servicing commitments differentiates us from other investment management firms.

  1. Professional Investment Management

The Highstreet Pooled Funds Investment Team is a highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary team who are focused on disciplined processes in order to deliver most consistent outcomes for our clients. The Team uses in-house research and portfolio monitoring systems to maintain a global perspective of the investment universe while managing for risk.

The Team invests in the same products alongside our clients, providing added assurance of personal accountability of investment decisions and outcomes.

  1. Access to Portfolio Managers

Our client servicing team and the Portfolio Managers of the Highstreet Pooled Funds are located in our head office in London, ON. By being under one roof, we work together to help you create an investment strategy for your unique situation. This gives the client servicing team insights into the portfolios and also gives you the opportunity to meet with the Highstreet Pooled Funds Portfolio Managers if you choose.


Infographic - relationship with traditional broker vs Highstreet


  1. Transparent and Concise Reporting

We understand how important it is for investors to regularly receive clear, easy to understand reports on your investment performance. That is why we provide our clients with:

  • Full and transparent reporting of all investment activity and fees
  • Quarterly performance reported on your portfolio
  • Regular phone calls to ensure your investments are meeting your risk and return objectives
  • Annual investment review
  1. Competitive Pricing

We offer out clients the ability to group family assets to further benefit from our tiered fee-schedule.